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Nosiva create spaces designed for life

August 1, 2018

Nosiva create spaces designed for life



We have entered a new age of living where the everyday hustle and bustle mixed with everyday stresses have forced us to change the way we live, not just in our home but in terms of our health and lifestyle. With so many things to juggle it is important to find balance and harmony in a world tailor made to wear us down.



Renovating your home is one way of finding this balance as you can find new ways of improving functionality and create an environment that helps you to relax. A home that does not function makes life very frustrating when you need the space to work and flow as it should, especially when you are entertaining guests or running around organising the family. A dull environment can also get you down, and by not changing your surroundings to suit your lifestyle it is easy to become stagnant in your day to day life.



The ideal home is now seen as a workable sanctuary, combining a relaxed spa like vibe using colour and clever design with technological advancements to make life more comfortable. We are seeing custom made joinery as an increasingly important part of the home, especially in the kitchen which is an organisational hub of family dinners, storage, and social gatherings. Which brings me back to our motto, ‘Nosiva creates spaces for life.’ We create spaces for life, to give you life energy, to make you feel better waking up in aesthetically pleasing and workable surroundings. Living in a home that you genuinely enjoy being in gives you the foundation to live your life the way you want to, or at the very least gives you a great start to the day!



We approach every project with this motto in mind, and the way we do this is by engaging with the customer on a personal level and by designing cabinetry that reflects the personality of the client and the home, whilst at the same time being at the forefront of the latest technology. The space behind every cabinet door has been meticulously tailor made and thought out to increase storage and function, and we believe that approaching a renovation in this way creates a unique product that serves our clients in the best way possible.



Incorporated into the ‘for life’ title is a double meaning. With the emergence of global warming, eco-friendly products and sustainability is of great importance and we have looked into ways of contributing as much as we can to this cause. We build cabinetry to last ‘for life’ and the key to achieving this is by making our designs timeless and by incorporating the best hardware and quality materials into our cabinetry systems, thus reducing the need for a new kitchen renovation down the track and producing less waste.



The new age home is as important as ever, and as a collective we are beginning to realise that what you see, what you think, and what you feel affects the life you lead. Nosiva is passionate about the way we live and how we interact with the space around us, and by creating spaces for life we want to inspire you to live your best life possible.




Jack Avison


Director – Nosiva Custom Cabinetry


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