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The perfect kitchen

June 16, 2017

We are living in a great time where new designs and technologies are constantly pushing the boundaries of all industries, and it is now becoming increasing important to live in a way that supports our needs. People want results faster, spaces more economical, and designs more refined and simplified. The challenge we all have is creating beauty in a world that has a blueprint of mass production and profitability.


There has never been a better time to invest in a kitchen; we all have access to an array of quality materials, creative hardware, inventive appliances, and new ideas are constantly evolving and updating in this exciting era.  Despite these advances, the craft and soul within the industry is being lost through the use of flat packs and cheap materials, sacrificing the quality of a project and most importantly the integrity. Designing and creating the perfect kitchen has long been a passion of mine, and I believe that building a kitchen in line with our modern times requires a combination of handmade craft, custom design, and pinch of imagination.


Embarking on the journey of investing in a custom-made kitchen is exciting, and by preparing to look beneath the surface you will ensure that the choices made are the right ones for you. You have to decide what you truly want your kitchen to be, whether it is to be made to stand the test of time, to add value to your home, to function as a family space, or a mixture of all these elements. As discussed in my previous blog post I truly believe a kitchen can improve your health and well-being, and combining function with beauty will go a long way to achieving the positive environment we all want in our home.


A creation that represents true beauty needs to be designed like the perfect human body; for the exterior of a person to be as beautiful as it can be the body needs be nourished on the inside. The same applies for our kitchens; Nosiva focuses a lot on the internal cabinetry by using hardware that will literally last a lifetime, which in turn amplifies the overall aesthetics and quality of the space. Cabinet hardware is an often overlooked yet integral part of any kitchen, and can make all the difference to the feel and function of a room. 


As with anything of beauty there are layers; some are subtle or hidden, others are stand out features that define the project. First impressions count of course, and when you first walk into a room that ‘wow factor’ is an important layer usually created by high ceilings, quality materials and bespoke details. Splash backs, LED lighting, shadow lines, handle details and appliances are layers that should not be dismissed when you are looking to creatively contribute to the overall feel of the kitchen. Appliance companies are just starting to get it right aesthetically with integrated doors for fridges and dishwashers, and the range of colours that are now available help to add style and modernity. Combining these various layers in the right way can make the kitchen distinctive, and in turn show off your individuality.


With Nosiva, designing a kitchen is always a dual collaboration where both ourselves and the client share ideas and come to a mutual decision on all the aspects of the project. As a company, we feel this method of communication is the best way to create your perfect kitchen, which is why our cabinetry style varies from project to project. It is certainly satisfying to see the personality of every client pop out in all of the photos.


Everyone is imperfect in their own way, we all have flaws; however, it is these flaws that make us unique and shape the way we see the world. The reason why I love my job is that every project is tailor made, and my aim is always to create a space that reflects the best version of you. Perfection is impossible, however by showcasing your personality just as you are, we can help create the perfect kitchen for you.



Jack Avison


Director - Nosiva Custom Cabinetry



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June 16, 2017

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