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We specialise in the creation of custom cabinetry for:

- Designer Kitchens

- Luxury bathrooms

- Built in Wardrobes

- Laundry rooms

- Entertainment Units

- Alfresco BBQ

- Linen units and cupboards

- Shelving and bookcases

Service timeline


 After verifying a layout and specifications we provide you with a free quotation for your custom cabinetry. We will also make you aware of all building documentation prior to the design phase


We provide you with a full set of 3D plans showing all angles of your cabinetry. We will design your space to reflect your style and personality using our creativity and vast experience. We will also verify all materials and hardware specifications. 


After signing off on the plans your cabinetry will be put into production by our specialist team of factory workers. Using the latest CNC machinery and hardware technology we can guarantee you a premium product that will stand the test of time.


Our installation team will provide you with a friendly and professional service that goes beyond that of most companies. We know that renovations can be stressful, and our aim is to make the installation process as seamless as possible. 

Timeline details

Free consultation

Every job starts with a phone call or an exchange of ideas in email before we commence a free consultation at the location of the project. In this meeting, we discuss basic designs and come up with a solution that suits your budget. We will also take measurements of the room and go over some of our material samples so you can understand how the room will look and feel. This is an opportunity for you to meet us in person and for us to answer any questions you may have.


We have our own professional design team however we are happy to liaise with builders, architects or interior designers to ensure that the product you are receiving is perfectly suited to your needs. 



After the free consultation you will receive a non obligation quote via email based on everything we discussed in the first meeting. The quote clearly outlines the payment instalments as well as an outline of all project details, materials and legalities.


3D design and concepts

Our design team can create a 3D drawing of your project and give you some time to finalise your choices before our 2nd meeting, where we will brainstorm any new ideas or concepts. We want you to feel confident with the all the decisions made in this meeting, and we showcase every detail from start to finish to ensure we are fully prepared before starting the manufacturing process.

Our drawing software allows you to walk through and orbit your project from all angles, and we can show you all the finest details up close. This is an excellent opportunity to see your investment before making your final decisions, most notably with variations to colour tones, design details, and materials.

If you have any questions or ideas outside of this meeting we can be contacted by email anytime or by phone during normal working hours.



In a world of mass production we feel that the 'craft' has been lost in the industry, with the focus on turnover and an absence in quality. Despite this, the introduction of modern machinery is vital for producing the amazing projects seen all over the world today. We choose to combine both state of the art technology and hand-made craftsmanship to create a product that is truly unique and personal to you.


We use the latest in CNC technology which accurately cuts your jobs with just a 0.1mm tolerance, and are assembled by experts in the trade.  It is the fine details that count to us, and we have everything in place to ensure our jobs are hand crafted to perfection before leaving the factory.

Our high-quality materials are sourced from the industry’s leading manufacturers of board and hardware. We only use the best hardware so we import Blum® from Austria for our drawer runners and hinges, which all come with lifetime guarantees, so you can rest assured you have efficient, long lasting and visually stunning hardware systems.



At this point you will have been continually updated with the progress of your project, and we do all we can to ensure installation is a smooth process from delivery to final inspection. We are extremely mindful of cleanliness so we lay drop sheets where appropriate, and continue to clean as we install to keep a positive flow. We are also aware of clients’ needs, and we will ask if there is anything we should be aware of prior to installation such as house security, pets, or access to the property.

Installation is an integral part of the project and can often be stressful for the client when everything in the house is turned upside down! For this reason, we have our own trades that we have liaised with for years, and we can project manage the plumber, electrician, and stonemason around our job so that the space is back to normal sooner rather than later. If you have a trusted trade that you prefer to use we are more than happy to work with them.

During installation, you are welcome to raise any questions if you are unsure of what is happening at the time, or if you simply want to learn about what we are doing!



Final Inspection

At the final inspection, we will go through all aspects of the job together. We are constantly striving for improvement so if there is anything that we have missed please talk to us honestly and openly so we can maintain our high standards for future projects. We believe in lasting quality and we want you to enjoy your space for years to come.